Civilian Warfighter - company info

Civilian Warfighter, LLC is dedicated to bringing the most advanced US military based Non-Lethal Visual Disruption technology to the civilian marketplace. The products and services that CW offers are either exactly the same as those provided to current US military, or are modified just enough to comply with the regulations preventing civilian ownership.  

Back in the 70’s, my father Brad E. Meyers started a family owned and family operated electro-optics business.  He believed in finding ways to innovate new technologies to solve specific needs in the military and law-enforcement arenas.  Honoring his memory and following in his footsteps, I created a separate company from the Meyers family business to continue serving these unmet needs with new innovations.

In my early years with the Meyers family company, the laser systems were only infrared.  But during the latter-half of my 19 years there, I was the head of the visible green military Non-Lethal Systems division, as well as the Director of Business Development.  During those years, civilians (which includes local, state, and federal law enforcement) were constantly asking me for access to the restricted high-tech military gear being manufactured.  But there was no commercial option available for these customers.

While the family business is dedicated to serving the military (and the vast majority of the products they manufacture are restricted to military only), I created Civilian Warfighter for the sole purpose of providing formerly-restricted products to formerly-restricted buyers… namely ‘you’.   All the same Joint Non-Lethal Weapon’s Directorate and DoD-S&T specifications required to create military levels of credible-glare are in our Non-Lethal Visual Disruption products.

These products are available *directly* to active service men and woman who are frustrated with the military's internal supply chain.  The products are also available to private citizens, professional security, police, and federal agents (all of whom were previously banned from obtaining the military technologies that Civilian Warfighter now offers).

It is a dangerous world we live in, and we're sometimes unaware of the high-risk environment that surrounds us.  We each must be ready and able to be our own support, our own law enforcement, our own military. . .

We must all be ready and able to be Civilian Warfighters.

Clint Meyers