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To purchase the CERBERUS visual disruption tool, use the PURCHASE tab at the top of this page.

CERBERUS provides the ability to steal the vision of your suspect/target, and provides you precious time and situational-awareness.

It mounts to a handgun or rifle rail; or used as a stand-alone device.

CERBERUS is ideal for home defense, law enforcement, private and diplomatic security, check-points, TSA, military police, as well as numerous other scenarios.

The CERBERUS is not just a flashlight, but so much more! It is a true visual-disruption device that integrates with your handgun. Nearly ten years of working directly with the Army, Navy, and Marines lead to the specifications and parameters that CERBERUS offers you.

It inflicts your target with overwhelming visual interruption, giving you the precious time needed to react and prepare for the situation at hand. CERBERUS also simultaneously provides you a clear "go / no-go" for the potential need to escalate force.

As an extra bonus, CERBERUS does indeed provide the operator extreme operational illumination (far better than most handgun flashlights) .

There are many pistol flashlights available, most even strobe, but NONE of those meet the US Military requirements for effective power-density (mW/cm2), nor the proper wavelength and hertz to accomplish what the DoD has specified and required to achieve "credible glare" - the military's term for visual disruption.

The measure of "lumens" is often misleading to buyers, and is completely irrelevant to the ability to provide military grade credible-glare. Lumens is only a measure of emitted light in all directions. A flashlight with much higher lumens can be half (or less) effective than the CERBERUS for true visual-disruption. Power-density per surface-area (the way you measure a laser) is the only true way to determine sufficient photo-energy to overload the human retina, and wash-out the target's vision.

CERBERUS is the only product in existence available to the public that combines all the military requirements for a visual-disruption non-lethal escalation of force determination tool.

CERBERUS is protected by US and International Patents.

You may have noticed that CERBERUS has primarily green energy emitters. The reason for this is tied directly to the military specifications. The specific wavelength output of CERBERUS matches the DoD requirement for maximum inter-ocular sensitivity.

However, depth-perception and color-recognition are diminished in a fully monochromatic environment, so the white emitter blends the perfect additional peripheral wavelengths for the operator to see colors and maintain depth-perception. This is what allows CERBERUS to also be one of the most effective pistol flashlights as well as the best non-lethal visual-disruption device.

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